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Urieb Samad

Conflict Transformation; Humanitarian Crises; Child Protection

Urieb has over eleven years of professional experience with national and international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).  Her responsibilities have included managing, supporting, monitoring and evaluating various developmental programs.

Her work has covered a range of domains including youth employment and entrepreneurship, community development, education, capacity building, governance, human rights, peace building and conflict resolution, civic engagement and social work in many countries, including in the West Bank, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and the USA.

Increasingly, Urieb has developed an interest in the engagement of young people within humanitarian contexts, with a particular focus on youth refugees. Within the last two years, she has engaged as a consultant in capacity building for NGOs working among and for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Affiliation: Coventry University



Conflict Transformation; Refugees; Humanitarian Crises; Youth