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Mohamed A Mohamed


After completing his first degree in BEng Civil Engineering from Kingston University, Mohamed worked for the Discovery Channel as a Production and Development Assistant.

This is where he discovered his passion for factual documentaries and decided to pursue it. Mohamed later joined VICE UK where he worked on documentaries focused on the Syrian Civil war and issues in Somalia. He later worked on various documentaries for channels such as Channel 5, The Telegraph and Disney, just to name a few.

Mohamed later decided to pursue an MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development at University College London to combine his love for factual documentaries, as a visual tool, and his interest in current global environmental issues to tell stories on real-world issues from the global south – essentially, Mohamed’s dream is to make the invisible, visible.

Whilst at UCL he went to Lima, Peru, for 3 weeks where he worked in a group of 8 and looked at the relationship of everyday risk and urban development. Mohamed is particularly interested in East Africa. His focus for his MSc dissertation was mobilizing pastoralist women in East Africa and shifting perspectives on gender relations to adapt to climate change.

Affiliation: University College London




Sustainable Development; Sustainable Livelihoods; Climate Change; Gender; Conflict Resolution