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Ibrahim Syarikin N’Daou

Ibrahim earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Psychology from Michigan Technological University in the US. Upon graduation, he joined the American Peace Corps where we worked as an economic development consultant within a microfinance institution in Uganda for two years.

After completing his service in East Africa, he went on to join the Hunan University of Technology in China for a year where he joined the faculty as a lecturer in Business Studies within its international department.

Over the years Ibrahim developed a keen interest in economic development and poverty reduction. Where current economic practices gravitate towards profit maximization to the detriment of society, Ibrahim believes that real and sustainable development can only occur alongside the socioeconomic development of society as a whole.

Currently, Ibrahim is in his final semester as a Masters candidate at Durham University in the UK where he is pursuing an MSc in Islamic Finance and Management. In conjunction with Islamic Reliefs microfinance unit, Ibrahim is conducting research evaluating the impact Islamic Relief has upon its participant’s livelihood.

Affiliation: Durham University



Microfinance; Poverty Reduction; Islamic Social Finance