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Dr Janaka Jayawickrama

Human Development & Poverty/Conflict Transformation/Sustainable Development Goals/Humanitarian Crises

Janaka Jayawickrama is based at the University of York and started his career in Sri Lanka in 1994 as a humanitarian. He collaborated with conflict-affected Tamil, Sinhala, Muslim and other communities in Sri Lanka to help improve their wellbeing in uncertain and dangerous times. He has played key roles in various humanitarian responses including tsunami responses in Sri Lanka (2004), IDPs in Western Darfur, Sudan (2005), Afghan refugees in Pakistan (2006), refugees in Malawi (2006) and Iraqi refugees in Jordan (2007).

Janaka also holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the All India Institute for Counselling, Psychotherapy and Human Relationships in Vellore and a Diploma in Trauma Treatment from the International Trauma Treatment Program in the USA. He is currently an affiliate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies in the USA. Janaka is also a Visiting Lecturer to the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle University.

Affiliation: University of York



Community wellbeing, physical and mental health, disaster risk reduction, conflict management, evaluation, sustainable development