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Dr Angela Crack 


Angela’s research interests include NGO accountability, NGO self-regulation and NGO-donor relations. She is currently engaged in a major AHRC-funded project with the University of Reading and the International NGO Training and Research Centre (INTRAC). The project, titled The Listening Zones of NGOs: languages and cultural knowledge in development programmes, explores the role that languages and cultural knowledge play in the policies and practices of development NGOs.

Angela is the co-founder/coordinator of the British International Studies Working Group on NGOs, which has c. 150 members of academics and practitioners who research on NGO-related issues. She has published in various academic journals on the theory and practice of NGO accountability. Her most recent article investigates the efficacy of NGO peer regulation initiatives through interviews with senior staff from several leading humanitarian and development NGOs. She has also produced policy papers with EADI and INTRAC on cross-regional threats to civil society space.

Her monograph investigated the emergence of a transnational public sphere through the use of new media technologies by cross-border social movements.  Angela is part of the Global Advisory Board for Transparency International’s ECHO-funded research project, CREATE (Collective Resolution to Enhance Accountability and Transparency in Emergencies). She has been on the Expert Advisory Group on accountability for World Vision. In addition, she has also served for several years as a Trustee of Amnesty International UK, and as a member of the International Issues Sub-Committee to the Board.

Affiliation: University of Portsmouth


Donor relations, NGO accountability, NGO self-regulation, NGO-