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Dr Ahmed Salih


Dr Ahmed Salih

Dr Ahmed Salih is a Consultant Cardiologist with over 20 years’ experience in the field of medicine. Aside from his remarkable experience in medicine, Dr Ahmed has had a life-long involvement with charitable organisations that are focused on  promoting human rights, poverty reduction, education and health.

In addition to this, Dr Ahmed was director of Medilife Course Ltd, an organisation that produced educational programs and training courses for cardiac imaging for postgraduate doctors. He has also previously co-directed the Kurdish Development Foundation and supported various other charitable and Civil Society Organisations, including but not limited to including Islamic Relief, Muslim Aid, Sutton Coldfield Muslim Association, Yamani Development Foundation, the Arabic School: Chamberlains House-Birmingham, Islamic Propagation Centre-Birmingham, Kind Aid.

Further to this, Dr Ahmed has a specific interest in research and practise pertaining to challenging human trafficking in the UK and internationally.

Affiliation: NHS; Islamic Relief Worldwide


Health; Education; Human Trafficking; Poverty Reduction; Human Rights